SportHorizon can call upon experience gained from a wide range of different sports and activities. It has the capability of analysing movement (in training & competition) via instant video capture and playback (from multiple cameras and high speed) and three-dimensional biomechanical analysis. The latest motion software is used to display synchronised digital images (side by side or overlay) for effective comparison of performances.

Any sport can be analysed
3D Stick figures show unique views of performance

SportHorizon uses SIMI Motion 3D for simultaneous 50 Hz video capture and both 2D and 3D biomechanical analysis. Stickfigures can viewed and rotated in 3D by clicking on the links below...

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volleyball >>>
cricket batting >>>
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tennis >>>
Gaelic Football >>>
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Golf Swing >>>

All the above examples were part of analyses undertaken by Mark Johnson. Tennis and volleyball example courtesy of SIMI. Gaelic sports and golf analysis done on behalf of iKinematics (Ireland) Ltd.

SportHorizon uses Quintic Biomechanics 9.03 analysis software for 2D analysis and synchronised playback. SportHorizon also oversees the use of Quintic within a podiatric clinic.

Player Download >>> The Quintic Player is provided to all clients for playback of video clips supplied by SportHorizon and can be downloaded here

SportHorizon uses Photron high speed camera systems.


- The BioLab project aims to develop a teachers' resource to improve accessibility and enhance the quality of sport and exercise biomechanics teaching and learning within sport-related degree and HND courses.


Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) - 3D analysis of football freekick and hurling techniques

SportHorizon performs 3D analyses on behalf of iKinematics (Ireland) Ltd

Ski-Austria -
video and biomechanical analysis for the Austrian National Men's Ski Jumping team at Bergiselstadium, Innsbruck, Austria.
UK Sport - Skeleton bob, BIRO.

English Institute for Sport

UK Athletics - (regional and national)

Vets and farriers (UK and USA based)

Tracksys Ltd - UK Agents for SIMI Motion analysis software.

British Equine Federation - Gait screening for Olympic Dressage squad

England and Wales Cricket Board

High Speed Digital Cameras - (Image Diagnostics Ltd)

Podiatrists, orthotists and physiotherapists (Dave Dunning)

Orthopaedic specialists (FootLogic Ltd) - technical coordinator for gait analysis

Perfect Platform - Podiatric services for sport

Writtle Equine College, Essex.

Myerscough Equine College, Preston.

Sports timing specialists (HS Sports Ltd)

Real-time Motion Capture systems (Motion Analysis Inc.)

Professional Film Photography - (Michael Brennan)

Medical Equipment Agents (SLE Ltd)


3D analysis is used for evaluating sports performance especially those actions that involve rotations: non more so than in the golf swing. Its advantage over 2D analysis is that it enables the measurement of important technique factors such as the amount of rotation and the ‘X’ factor. In addition the true path of the club head can be defined. See clip below.

  This type of analysis is normally restricted to research institutes and sport science departments and more often than not takes place indoors. However 3D video analysis is ideal for capturing in competition/training performance.SportHorizon has been doing this level of analysis for a number of years and has experience in capturing a number of different sports in many environments.The 'off the tee' service is exactly that...the filming is done when you are on the course or at the driving range. Being outdoors, seeing the fairway in front of you, feeling the elements are all going to ensure that your actual (real) swing technique is captured for analysis.

With 3D analysis, video from two or more cameras is required. This in itself provides an excellent additional means of performance feedback.

Simultanously view swing from front, side and rotatable stick figures

  The service is primarily aimed at those golfers who wish to further investigate swing technique in order to improve their handicap or professional ranking. The analysis can be used to detect subtle differences like those that may be apparent between different irons or between irons and drivers. During the feedback session one can view playback of video images simultaneously with rotable stick figures and graphical data. Key instances in the numerical data can then be directly related to body position during the swing.



SportHorizon performs 3D bowling analyses on behalf of Quintic Consultancy Ltd, the ECB, and the ICC.

SportHorizon (in association with Quintic Consultancy) produced the 3D biomechanical data for the ICC project into cricket bowling during the Champions Trophy in September 2004.
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>View batting and bowling performance from every angle (see stick figures)

> Analyse role of all joints/body segments in bat/ball speed generation or for injury prevention measures.

>Evaluate the path of bat or the arms in bowling and throwing

>Analyse technique in training or during a match

>View synchronised video clips of performance from two different views

>A stimulating and effective coaching tool for coaches and players of all abilities including kids!
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“All cricket coaches and players who are striving for optimum performance should embrace this type of analysis in order to gain a true insight into technique. Through SportHorizon, 3D cricket analysis is now readily available”

John Harmer- Head Coach (ACB)

The video analysis data can be used in conjunction with the Podiatry service in order to provide the best podiatry care for cricket players.