SportHorizon can call upon experience gained from a wide range of different sports and activities. It has the capability of analysing movement (in training & competition) via instant video capture and playback (from multiple cameras and high speed) and three-dimensional biomechanical analysis. The latest motion software is used to display synchronised digital images for effective comparison of performances. Continue

Filming horses, in their natural environment as appose to on a treadmill, is not easy but Mark Johnson from SportHorizon has the right experience to ensure that the correct gait or performance is recorded. On site video filming of gait, dressage or jumping performances. Kinematic analysis (joint angles, step/stride length, in two/three dimensions. High speed filming for capturing the fast gaits and landings. Continue

High speed video is ideal for capturing quick, short duration movements such as: Fast gaits (sprinting, gallop) Ball impacts (on tennis rackets, cricket bats) arm movements (tennis serve, golf swing). Subtle joint movements (ankle joint during foot strike, fetlock flexion during showjumping). Using a Photron APX camera, colour images of resolution 1024 x 1024 pixels can be captured up to speeds of 2000 fps. Continue
Together with a renowned sports podiatrist (Dave Dunning) SportHorizon can provide an objective, biomechanical information to sports medical practitioners, physiotherapists and coaches, from a podiatric perspective. Measurements are recorded on site for a flexible and quantitative approach to analysis evaluation, useful in the long term clinical management of athletes. Continue
SportHorizon is run by Mark Johnson (BSc Hons, MPhil) an experienced applied biomechanist, and provides an accessible, both in provision and cost, sports analysis service to all associated with the improvement of sports and equine performance. Its services are used by individual coaches and athletes, clinicians, sports clubs, national governing bodies and academic institutions. Continue
SportHorizon Limited
Mark Johnson, 4 Curzon Drive, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire,
WA15 7SY, United Kingdom.
Mobile Telephone: +44 (0) 7961 483137

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