SportHorizon can film movement at high speed.

High speed video is ideal for capturing quick, short duration movements such as:

Fast gaits (sprinting, gallop)

Ball impacts (on tennis rackets, cricket bats, golf clubs)

Rapid arm movements (tennis serve, golf swing)

Subtle joint movements (ankle joint during foot strike, jump landings, fetlock flexion during showjumping)

Fastcam Ultima APX

The mega-pixel Photron ultima APX offers frame rates up to 2,000 fps at full resolution and up to 120,000 fps at reduced resolutions and has recorded stunning images for Natural History, ballistics, sport and safety testing.

With interchangeable CMOS camera heads (10-bit mono, 30-bit color,) and the ability to both setup and operate the camera without a computer, the ultima APX provides many powerful features not found in any other high-speed digital imaging system. Flexible 16 feet (5 meters) cables between camera head and the processor allows the ultima APX system to be operated in inaccessible and space confined locations. Both the camera head and processor have been designed for operation in high shock and vibration environments. A mono head is also available providing even more light sensitivity and infra-red lighting applications. Contact Mark for more details. Quoted rates are inclusive of an operator and all necessary equipment needed in order to get your desired clips.

Photron APX camera
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Contact Mark for further details or visit www.slowmo.co.uk.

All high speed images can be saved in uncompressed or compressed format. Kinematic analysis can be performed using the clips.