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Mark's work with horses has been centred on lameness and shoeing applications but he also also covered dressage and show jumping and has worked on Olympic dressage horses and with renowned vets and farriers both in the UK and in America. Mark can provide a service for individual clinicians wishing to gain further insight and knowledge regards equine biomechanics and to established research institutions/colleges. He has recently invested in a high speed camera in order to analyse the faster gaits and also the landings from jumps. He has travelled to Kentucky on several occasions to film horses both at Rood and Riddle equine hospital and the Keeneland race track.

High speed treadmill filming at Rood and Riddle
Equine Hospital, Kentucky

High speed filming of racehorses at
Keeneland, Kentucky

Filming horses, in their natural environment as appose to on a treadmill, is not easy but over the last few years Mark has developed methods to ensure as much as possible that the correct gait or performance is recorded. These skills are made available to equine colleges as more and more students are wishing to do biomechanical projects and he has already assisted a number of equine science colleges in the data collection for students and staff research projects. He has been using video analysis software and equipment for over ten years and can provide training or advice on equipment/software purchases.

Click here to download free screensaver showing horses filmed at high speed.

Still images taken from high speed clips (250fps) of the landing from a jump in both competition and as part of a final year project by an equine science student (note: fetlock flexion).

The type of service provided can be:

• In house or on site video filming of gait, dressage or jumping performances. Video images provided in any format. For research projects, I will ensure that joint markers are placed correctly and can be seen clearly on the video. A calibration object will also be correctly filmed. These images will ensure that students or staff can proceed to gather reliable kinematic data.

• Kinematic analysis (joint angles, step/stride length, limb trajectories, displacements) in two or three dimensions. Data can be compared between two conditions e.g. pre and post shoeing, lame and sound, present and past.

• High speed filming suitable for capturing the faster gaits or landings. High speed camera may be hired for research projects. Mark has a number of high quality high speed video clips of jumping and racing, which can be use for research or teaching purposes.

Sample clip - horsejumping (3.8MB MPEG4 format)
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